What Skills Can You Develop Through Nation-building Games?


The fascination with creating and governing a nation from scratch is a compelling concept that has captivated gamers worldwide. In this digital age, the opportunity to embody the role of a head of state, make critical political decisions, and interact with a global community is made possible through online simulation games. Among these, Politics and War stands out as a distinctive platform where ambition, strategy, and diplomacy come to life.

The Genesis of Politics and War

Created by an American high school student in 2014, Politics and War was born out of a passion for geopolitics and simulation games. It has since evolved into a massively multiplayer online game, attracting over a quarter of a million players globally. The game’s premise is straightforward yet profound: players create their own country, make grueling political decisions, and navigate the intricate landscape of international relations.

Building Your Nation

In Politics & War, the power to shape a nation is literally at your fingertips. Players start by creating their country, choosing its leader, drawing borders, and designing a flag. The level of customization extends to selecting a government type, national currency, and economic policies. This initial phase sets the stage for a deeply immersive role-playing experience, as players are tasked with mining and refining resources, which play a crucial role in the nation’s economy.

Economy and Warfare

A player-driven supply and demand economy is at the heart of Politics and War. Resources such as oil, minerals, and food are not just commodities; they are the lifelines that power nations. Building military units, city improvements, and large-scale projects depend on the effective management of these resources. Warfare in Politics and War is as strategic as it is brutal. With seven different military units, including nuclear weapons, players can choose to raid for loot or engage in all-out war to assert dominance.

Diplomacy and Alliances

What sets Politics and War apart is its intricate system of diplomacy and alliances. Players are not lone wolves but part of a vibrant community where cooperation and competition coexist. Forming alliances, signing treaties, and participating in global wars are just some of the ways players can influence the world stage. The game’s diplomatic features encourage players to think critically about their foreign policies and the impact of their decisions on both friends and foes.

A Thriving Community

With 596,855 nations simulated to date, the community around Politics and War is as diverse as it is active. This thriving ecosystem is bolstered by player-run international organizations, including banks, news organizations, and more. These entities add a layer of depth to the game, allowing players to engage in activities beyond the traditional scope of nation-building and warfare.

Accessible and Fair

Politics and War is free to play, with no in-app ads, reflecting the developer’s commitment to an accessible and fair gaming experience. The game’s policy on “pay-to-win” activities is strict, ensuring that players compete on a level playing field. This approach has cultivated a dedicated player base and fostered a sense of community among gamers from around the world.


Politics and War offers a unique blend of strategy, diplomacy, and community, making it an unparalleled online nation-building game. Whether you’re drawn to the economic intricacies of running a country, the thrill of military conquest, or the delicate dance of diplomacy, Politics and War provides a platform where your geopolitical ambitions can flourish. As players continue to build, strategize, and collaborate, the world of Politics and War remains a dynamic testament to the power of interactive gaming. Join the ranks of nation builders and leave your mark on a world where politics and war define the path to glory.

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