Signage Manufacturing: Role Of Wood Engraving & Water Jet Cutting


At present, sustainability is increasingly important, across all industries. This is also true for signage manufacturing, where wood engraving and water jet cutting Perth are two eco-friendly production methods. This article will explore the role of wood engraving and water jet cutting in sustainability in signage manufacturing.

What is Wood Engraving?

Wood engraving is the practice of carving and cutting designs into wood. This is done with a machine that acts as a router and essentially rotates a blade at high speed. The blade cuts into the wood, creating intricate designs that can be as intricate as desired. Wood engraving Perth is often used in signage manufacturing, as it can provide a very high-quality product with a classic, timeless look.

What is Water Jet Cutting?

Water jet cutting is an advanced fabrication process that uses pressurised water, often combined with an abrasive such as garnet, to cut materials of varying thicknesses. Water jet cutting produces smooth, clean edges and can be used for a multitude of materials, such as acrylic, glass, granite, and steel. It is also often used in signage manufacturing to produce signs with precision cuts and detailed designs.

How Do Wood Engraving and Water Jet Cutting Contribute to Sustainability in Signage Manufacturing?

Wood engraving and water jet cutting can contribute to signage manufacturing sustainability. Both processes involve minimal material waste, as the machines can cut material with minimal wastage. Furthermore, wood engraving and water jet cutting are both energy efficient. The machines can be operated with relatively low amounts of electricity, and there is no need for toxic chemicals or excessive amounts of water during production. 

In addition, wood engraving and water jet cutting are designed to last longer than other signage production methods. Neither process involves fastening hardware or using adhesives that can break down over time. This means that when properly maintained, the signs produced with these methods will last for many years.


Wood engraving and water jet cutting are two methods of producing signage with sustainability in mind. Both production techniques are energyefficient, produce minimal material waste, and create products that can last many years with proper maintenance. By using these methods, manufacturers can help to make signs that are both visually appealing and eco-friendly.

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