Why do young people join hustlers university in droves?


Over the past year, Andrew Tate’s Hustlers University (HU) has exploded in popularity, amassing millions of followers across social media platforms. While Tate and his programs have no shortage of critics and controversy, his unambiguous promises of fast wealth and status continue enticing swaths of ambitious young people. Hustlers University’s marketing speaks directly to traditionally-minded young males who feel stagnant and unfulfilled in their lives and careers. Tate offers them what every young person stuck in the rat race truly wants a clear path to attaining fortunes and the independence to enjoy life’s pleasures sooner rather than later. To struggling college students or those working tedious 9-to-5 corporate jobs, Tate seems to represent an alluring counter-culture icon of financial freedom.

A formulaic path

For directionless young people, Hustlers University provides what looks like a clear roadmap to escaping financial uncertainty and low social standing. Rather than follow aimless influencers merely showcasing affluent lifestyles, what Tate seems to offer is an actual system almost like a franchise opportunity. The various “degrees” in HU on building successful Dropshipping stores, Instagram growth strategies, and investing provide structured guidance. “It’s the promise of a step-by-step formula to make real money that attracted me initially,” says a 24-year-old HU member. “The courses explain exactly what to sell, how to market on social media, what crypto to buy, and so on. It feels achievable when broken down.”

Pack mentality – A band of brothers

Young people often feel isolated and unhappy pretending to fit into society’s mold. Critics dismiss Hustlers University as a scam or “pyramid scheme.” But, beyond just the courses and materials, members insist the community itself increases the platform’s value. Inside HU’s private Discord channels with thousands of ambitious peers, young people encourage each other and share goals and progress. When traditional institutions fail them, this self-made brotherhood gives them a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

Say what you will, but it works 

Naturally, not everyone succeeds in business just by purchasing an online course. Reasonable skepticism remains regarding hype-fueled promises of quick millions and Lambos. However, enough HU members share legitimate-looking success stories to keep enrollment surging. On Andrew Tate’s Instagram, young followers see videos of HU students showing account balances, expensive watches bought with profits, and posing next to new homes and cars obtained after joining the program. Some dismiss them as actors, they insist it’s a real transformation.

Lure of financial freedom

Financial Freedom is the ultimate carrot Tate dangles. As Tate frames in-depth hustlers university post as the fast track to getting rich, he taps into the urgent need for wealth, independence, and security among young people. Having grown up during the Great Recession, Millennials and Gen-Z witnessed the financial turmoil firsthand. Today’s runaway inflation and crushing student loan debt only compound money pressures. Hustler’s University promises the solutions.

The internet persona and program provide something profoundly compelling to aimless young outcasts. Joining any expensive coaching program shouldn’t be taken lightly. But given the economic pressures today’s youth face, no one should be surprised that an anti-politically correct self-made millionaire promising faster wealth creation attracts such borderline cult-like hype. While extreme, the Hustlers University phenomenon reveals important unmet societal needs. The ballooning enrollment teaches there is a longing among young people for transparent paths to individual empowerment.

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