Best Skip Tracing For Real Estate Platforms


The Art of Tracking Property Owners

In the high-stakes game of real estate investing, skip tracing has become an invaluable tool for investors who want to find and connect with property owners. It allows them to obtain the phone numbers of owners whose properties they are interested in, enabling more effective communication and negotiation. This can satisfy investors’ needs to quickly get in touch with sellers and close more deals faster.

By better understanding the art of skip tracing, real estate investors can more effectively navigate the market and maximize their success.

What is Skip Tracing?

At its core, skip tracing is akin to detective work, as it entails tracking down individuals or businesses by gathering and scrutinizing various data sources. Within the realm of real estate, skip tracing primarily searches public records, databases, and other resources to uncover contact details of property owners.

Best Skip Tracing for Real Estate Investors

Once linked primarily with labor-intensive manual inquiries, skip tracing has undergone a technological evolution, significantly streamlining and enhancing its efficiency. Through the utilization of appropriate software, real estate investors can now swiftly conduct searches for assets and owners within minutes.

Here’s a concise compilation of top-notch skip tracing software tailored for real estate investors:

1. REsimpli

REsimpli stands out as a comprehensive CRM tool meticulously crafted by seasoned real estate investors to seamlessly handle every facet of their operations. Notable features include:

  • Integrated skip tracing capabilities
  • List stacking functionality
  • Direct mail services
  • A mobile-friendly Driving for Dollars app

Moreover, it offers robust tracking features for communications, purchases, lead statuses, action items, and team activities. The platform empowers users to effortlessly search and manage their organized lead records using filters such as property type, ownership status, foreclosure status, and equity percentage. REsimpli distinguishes itself with its rapid and intuitive skip tracing process, strategically designed to identify undesirable properties and preempt investor challenges.

Pricing options span from $99 monthly for the basic plan to $749 per month for the enterprise tier.

2. PropSteam

PropStream delivers precise and dependable property data spanning the nation, meticulously sourced from county recordings, MLS records, and private data providers.

Highlighted features include:

  • An expansive database comprising over 153 million properties
  • Skip tracing services available at $0.12 per search
  • Intuitively designed interface offering search options based on addresses, assessor parcel numbers (APN), or map-based geo searches

Users can effortlessly delve into comprehensive property details, encompassing ownership history, mortgage records, tax information, MLS particulars, and nearby comparables. PropStream’s drawing tools and parcel lines further refine search results, ensuring enhanced accuracy and usability.

3. Deal Machine

DealMachine prioritizes data quality, sourcing curated information from a variety of trusted providers. Key features encompass:

  • Premium insights including “Do Not Call” data and caller ID details
  • Streamlined and scalable skip tracing functionality with a seamless cross-platform interface
  • Driving for Dollars functionality facilitating the discovery of off-market opportunities
  • List Builder tool enabling automated lead generation through Smart Lists
  • Mail Marketing service for sending direct mail with built-in automated follow-up capabilities

Pricing commences at $59 per month for starter packs and scales up to $299 per month to accommodate entire teams.

4. Skip Genie

Skip Genie stands out as a versatile and intuitive solution crafted specifically for the distinct requirements of property investors. Notable features encompass:

  • Adaptable search capabilities catering to the exploration of individuals, addresses, phone numbers, and related contacts
  • Property search functionality facilitating the identification of individuals linked to a property, unveiling pertinent contact information and ownership records
  • Research options for relatives in instances where owner contact details are unavailable

Skip Genie adopts a subscription-based pricing model, with plans kicking off at $58 per month (inclusive of 100 searches) and additional searches priced at $0.17 each.

5. REISift

REISift presents a comprehensive CRM and business management solution designed to empower investors in expanding their sales and marketing endeavors. At its core, the company emphasizes robust data management, targeted sales strategies, and team accountability, fostering healthy scalability, focused vision, and increased net profits for its customers. With a commitment to enhancing net profits and refining marketing strategies, REISift pledges to amplify returns and provide clarity on marketing tactics by a factor of ten.

Highlighted features include:

  • Advanced data management capabilities
  • Automated workflows for streamlined operations
  • Task management functionalities for enhanced productivity
  • Direct mailer integration for targeted marketing campaigns
  • List stacking functionality for optimized lead generation

Additionally, REISift extends skip tracing services to its members, with plans starting at $49 per month. Skip tracing costs vary from $0.17 per record on the basic plan to $0.12 per record on the premium tier.

6. BatchSkipTracing

BatchSkipTracing emerges as a leading skip tracing platform catering to agents, investors, and wholesalers, boasting an expansive database and unparalleled data accuracy. Key features encompass:

  • Aggregation of over 10.5 billion data points tailored to facilitate connections within the real estate sector
  • Cutting-edge online platform offering seamless and instantaneous skip tracing outcomes
  • Access to millions of data points sourced from diverse online and offline repositories, enhancing right-party contact rates

Notably, BatchSkipTracing operates without requiring a subscription commitment, opting for a per-result pricing model set at $0.20. By delivering results within seconds, the platform streamlines the skip tracing process, providing an efficient and precise method for reaching property owners.

The Future of Skip Tracing

Real estate investing has been revolutionized by innovative skip tracing tools like REsimpli, PropStream, DealMachine, and Skip Genie. These platforms offer various features for investors to access property data, find owners, and simplify outreach. Each tool prioritizes quality data, easy-to-use interfaces, and reasonable prices.

In an evolving real estate landscape, embracing technology is crucial for success. Incorporating skip tracing into your toolkit can enhance investment strategies and keep you competitive in the market’s constant flux.

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